Credible News Application

Say No To Fake News..!

Introduction :-

One of the US based Leading Financial Services Company who provides services for individuals & institutions that are investing online, shows a good pace in advancing towards expanding across US. It has deployed with Credible News Application company-wide for use by their traders. They offers an electronic trading platform for the purchase and sale of financial securities including common stocks, preferred stocks, futures contracts, exchange-traded funds, options, mutual funds, and fixed income investments.

Challenge :-

Owing to the large amount of information available on Twitter (Networking Sites) (a micro blogging service) that is not necessarily true or believable, credibility of news published in such an electronic channel has become an important area for investigation in the field of web credibility. Fake news is a big issue right now. News companies are in the pockets of mega-billionaires. Media bias, inaccurate reporting, and sensationalism are on everyone’s mind. We are in an age where we don’t trust the people reporting the news. To address this issue, company necessitates an application for traders where the trader can check Credibility and Reliability of the source.

Solution :-

Arya Risk with its expertise & Customer delight policy provided best in class News Application to the Client. Arya Risk provided an Analysis Tool Application named Credible News Application where Users uploaded & managed News only from sources and categories that fit their Trading Strategy, leading to consolidate a wide variety of credible news sources. The trader can now check credibility and reliability of the source means they’re always one step ahead. They are using an intuitively designed web page to gain Market News insight. After uploading the News, Users are also getting the list of Unaffected Price followed by automated Real-time Updates of Current Price, Yesterday Close Price, and Performance since Announcement & Change on Day (in Percentage) as per client’s expectations.

Benefits :

With highly credible & unique content, Users stood out in a routine Equity Market by accessing Credible News better than the big players, this Technology gave them the edge they needed in the market.

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