Oil Inventory Management


Introduction :-

Traditionally, the success of traders depended on their superior knowledge of prices at different locations combined with their logistics capacity to move goods at the right time to the best markets. The energy & commodities trading sector has, however, been transforming rapidly.

Challenge :-

One of our Client’s most frustrating aspects of Oil & Commodity trading was how to calculate the profit, loss, and risk of a trade. Moreover, they keep asking for real time PNL report.

Solution :-

Arya Risk ensures Traders to meet their desired objectives in the most cost effective way by providing Oil Inventory Management which dealt with Oil & Commodity Trading. Henceforth, application provided trade booking, real time PNL report in the form of monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annually report generation, as per their expectations. It also provided calendar view for nomination date, confirmation date, and holidays. It is customized to fit individual company requirements. Analysis tools are added to provide technical analysis, charts and quantitative work display. Additionally, Arya Risk makes it useful for accounting purposes via integrating it with the ERP system. In this ERP system, features included:

  • Desktop application

  • Offline inventory management – Supplier term contract, order / delivery input screen, delivery details report, order price balance sheet, purchase price balance sheet, product price sheet & delivery status report

  • Internal trade transfers

  • Invoices generation

  • User management to provide roles for any particular rights by admin

  • Online transactions, etc.

Result :-

As promised, Arya Risk helped the clients in increase of efficiency, productivity & saved on their cost.

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