Pallavi Ghayalod

( CEO )


Pallavi Ghayalod is Chief Executive Officer of Arya Risk Management Systems, ensuring the company is well positioned in the public marketplace, and building relationships and credibility with outside investors to provide necessary resources to fund and grow the Company. She is an insightful entrepreneur paramount in directing multifaceted business including Trading, IT and prodigious in global operations with independent judging capability. Renowned Financial Analyst adroit in Identifying trends in financial performance and providing recommendations for improvement.

Having keen business acumen with 16 years of extensive global experience in administration and management, She is a prominent leader holding concurrent jobs by managing the deployment phase of entire projects and accomplishing it on time within the budget & leading the team in identifying and correcting critical problems, handling feasibility, design, development, implementation and quality assurance.

Expertise Areas

  Strategy Development
  Software development
  Problem Solving
  Business Development
  Public speaking
  Market Analysis
  Client Relationships
  Risk Management
  Contract Negotiation
  Team Building
  P&L/ Budgeting
  International Business


Work Responsibilities :-

  • Manages overall operations of Technology, Human Resources, Accounting and Business Development. Supports operations and administrations of the company.

  • Responsible for making all top-level managerial decisions.

  • Leading the development of the company's short-and long-term strategy.

  • Interfacing between Board and employees, and supporting Board's evaluation of chief executive.

  • Oversees design, marketing, promotion, delivery and quality of programs, products and services.

  • Manage yearly budget and prudently manages organization's resources within budget guidelines.

  • Effectively manages the resources of the organization according to authorized personnel policies and procedures that fully conform to international laws and regulations.

  • Assures the organization and it's mission, programs, products and services are consistently presented in strong, positive image.

  • Leading the competitive market landscape, expansion opportunities, business developments.

  • Maintain social responsibility.

  • Monitor Mitigate and Minimize risks to the company.

  • Setting measurable strategic goals.

Social Responsibilities :-

  • Founder, ACT 20 22 Club of Puerto Rico.

  • Board of Director, Girls Scouts of Suffolk County.

  • Board of Director, Indian Network of Eastern Long Island.

  • Board of Director, Shanti Fund.